Over the last number of years we have tried out various productivity methodologies, some well known and some we created ourselves, in order to discover the ones that best suited our needs.

So after a great many trials and tests, here is the list of methods that bring us consistent results:

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The techniques that did not work well for us:

Fixed daily schedules, where each task is assigned a specific time, breaks are scheduled in etc.

Reason: We found this system too rigid to withstand the realities of daily development in a creativity-led environment. Frustration set in as soon as one task naturally ran over time, putting the whole day’s schedule out. It was equally frustrating though to down tools mid-flow if you were making great headway, just because an arbitrary time marker was passed. A system that requires complete control over task start-stop times to function leads to inevitable failure, and once you have hit the failed state on any given day, there is no incentive to continue striving, knowing you can’t get 100% success for that day now no matter what you achieve later in the day. This method is just not human-centric, its robotic nature not taking into account the human need for space to shuffle things depending on mood, and the need to feel success on a daily basis to remain motivated.

Short work cycle methodologies, i.e. work on a task for 25 minutes, then break.

Reason: We found that anything less than a 45 minute session of work is not maximizing productivity, as it takes nearly 20 minutes to really get into a flow state with development of creative idea generation.

From the experience we gained in trying out various productivity techniques, we are now developing a productivity app, incorporating what we have learned into a useful tool for others.

Coming soon to an Appstore near you!